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Roar! from Sally Ann and the Panther

And don't forget to roar!
~illustration from Miss Sally Ann and the Panther, new from Bobbi Miller and illustrated by Megan Lloyd.

Monica Kulling, author of In the Bag!, writes of Sally Ann and the Panther: “I loved this story of a friendship ‘great and glorious’ told in delightful, rhythmic prose. Megan Lloyd's lively illustrations burst the pages with their energy and match Bobbi Miller's prose note for note. We readers are in for a truly terrific treat next year when Bobbi's debut novel, Big River's Daughter, hits the stands.”

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Big River's Daughter

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Big River's Daughter by Bobbi Miller

Hardcover: 224 pages | Publisher: Holiday House (April 15, 2013) | ISBN-10: 0823427528 | ISBN-13: 978-082342752

Bobbi Miller is the author of MISS SALLY ANN AND THE PANTHER, DAVY CROCKETT GETS HITCHED, and ONE FINE TRADE. She lives in a log cabin, loves the outdoors and spins tall tales. Discover more about her.

Bobbi Miller is represented by Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary.