Bobbi Miller Books is a book publishing and reseller company based in Lancaster, CA that has been advocating the benefits of reading and writing for nearly 40 years now. Aside from our book warehouse in our California office, we also partner with different non-profit and academic organizations to hold book fairs and build mini-libraries to spread awareness of the impact of books on children and adults alike.

A reputable author, literature professor, and book enthusiast, Bobbi Miller founded the company in the 1980s and manages it up to this day. Bobbi loves both sci-fi and non-fiction novels, and his favorite authors include Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Mitch Albom, Stephen King, and Dan Brown. He believes that the best storytellers in the world are not only experts in the use of language but are also experienced enough to know what different emotions really feel like—from happiness and excitement to pain and sorrow.

When Bobbi is not teaching, he spends time exploring the American landscape and the grand voices that make up the American story with his loving wife and two young sons. He draws his writing inspiration from real-life stories he has observed through the years.