Done with Your Manuscript? Find the Right Editor to Make Your Work Flawless

So finally, you’re done writing your manuscript. Your next step is to have it edited and proofread. You cannot just turn in your work without having it go through intensive editing and proofreading.


Why you need an editor

Now, you might be asking this: why should I hire an editor or a proofreader when I can do it myself? Regardless of your editing and proofreading skills, you definitely need another person to check your work. There will be errors that you will miss out. You need a fresh set of eyes that will spot the flaws in your work.

A professional editor can help you minimize the errors on your manuscript so that your book can get published. An experienced editor can help correct and give advice on style, word usage, sentence and paragraph structure, and grammar. The editor’s expertise in polishing a written work can make yours an outstanding one. Thus, it makes sense to have an editor check your manuscript before publishing it.


How to choose an editor

  • Check the website of an editor who provides editing and proofreading services. See if it is neat and free from errors to know if the editor has a strong attention to detail.
  • Research about the background of the editor. Your choice of editor will depend on your target readers. Check the experience and training of the editor—how long has he or she been in the business?
  • Reviews and testimonials can give you an idea of what you can expect from an editor. These can be usually found on the editor’s website and on discussion forums. Read and keep a critical eye on those that sound as though they were just made up.
  • Ask how much the editor charges per word or per hour. This will narrow down your choices based on your budget.
  • Ask for a sample work. A good editor will be more than willing to show proof of expertise. Some editors offer a free trial of their editorial services. Try them out to see which one is a cut above the rest.

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