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“Flowers for Algernon” is A Great Read for Sci-Fi Fans

Daniel Keyes’s “Flowers for Algernon” is a gripping and heartbreaking story that inspires and challenges the conventional beliefs of readers of all ages. The sci-fi novel is not your typical sci-fi book, which explains why it is such a charming book to read. Here are some of the reasons that make this masterpiece different from the rest.

Written from the perspective of a mentally retarded man

Charlie Gordon, with an IQ of 68 (which is lower than average), tells his tale as a worker in a bakery and as a student in a special needs class. Reading the first few pages feels like interacting with an authentic mentally challenged man, what with all the grammar and spelling errors. That diary-like storytelling device makes the book effectively able to give readers a glimpse of how someone like Charlie thinks and the emotional struggles he goes through his daily life.

Masterfully exploring the subjects of intelligence and emotions

The protagonist was given the opportunity to be the first person to be equipped with artificial intelligence, and he does not have second thoughts about it because he desperately wants to be smart.

Through the improvements in Charlie’s, communication and writing skills, the readers get an idea that the operation has become successful. But is it, really? As Charlie’s IQ increases, so does his understanding of the world. He started to recall his past, realize who he is, and falls in love. His character is so relatable.

Sci-fi fan or not, “Flowers for Algernon” is a recommended read for anyone who loves books.